Table of Contents

Foreword – Rachel L. Levine, M.D.

Introduction – Adrian Shanker

Section One: Youth

Human Rights and Health for LGBT Youth – Ryan Thoreson

Informed Consent for Intersex Children  – Katharine Dalke

Navigating Pediatric Care for Trans Youth – Alisa Bowman

Not Your Average Sex Talk – Emmett Patterson

Resiliency for Homeless Queer Youth – Arin Jayes

Beyond Duct Tape: Binding for Transmasculine Youth – Preston Heldibridle

Surviving Suicide – Tyler Titus

Section One: Young Adults

Sex and Safety in the Digital Age – Jack Harrison-Quintana

Living Proudly, Living Longer: Advocating for Queer Spaces to be Tobacco-Free – Adrian Shanker and Annemarie Shankweiler

Queer Family Planning: A Remedy for Depression – Kate Luxion

Social Service Navigation for the LGBT Community – Anthony Crisci

That Ass Tho! Anal Health for the LGBT Community – Adrian Shanker

Addiction and Recovery in the Queer Community – Atticus Ranck

Section Three: Middle-Age Adults

Without Wincing or Clenching: Bisexual People’s Experiences with Healthcare Professionals – Robyn Ochs

Gender, Cancer, and Me – Liz Margolies

“Laura is a Transgender, Didn’t the Surgeons do an Amazing Job?” – Laura Jacobs

Tobacco Free Queers: Prime Time to Quit – Scout

Challenging HIV Stigma – Sean Strub

Section Four: Older Adults

Archiving AIDS: Intergenerational Education About an Epidemic – Chris Bartlett

Organizing Against Social Isolation: Older Lesbians in Rural Communities – Kat Carrick and Ntlotleng Mabena

Caregiving Concerns for LGBT Older Adults – Liz Bradbury

Housing and Health for LGBT Older Adults – Imani Woody

Grieving Together: LGBT Bereavement Support Groups – Justin Tanis


Conclusion – Adrian Shanker

Afterword – Kate Kendell

Section headers are illustrated by Jacinta Bunnell