“Adrian Shanker and the contributing authors highlight the need for clinicians to up their game when it comes to caring for sexual and gender minority people in their practices. Bodies and Barriers serves as a guide with concrete suggestions for developing knowledge, awareness, and skills to provide holistic care for LGBT people from the cradle to the grave. This book is a gem in that it centers LGBT people’s voices telling providers exactly how they want to be treated. It’s time providers listen to and act on these recommendations.” 

Jonathan Mathias Lassiter, PhD, Coeditor of Black LGBT Health in the United States: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

“Now, more than ever, we need Bodies and Barriers to shine a spotlight on how and why good healthcare for LGBTQ people and our families is such a challenge. Bodies and Barriers provides a roadmap for all who are ready to fight for health equity — in the doctor’s office, in the halls of government, or in the streets.”

Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force

“These patient and caregiver experiences ring so loudly in today’s environment, when we have compelling evidence of a need for widespread practice change, yet the medical establishment remains slow to respond to the calls from those patients and their caregivers who are asking so boldly – and rightfully – for those changes. Bodies and Barriers is a call to action for learners at all levels, in all health fields, to start now, creating a future where health equity is the norm, and no one is denied the opportunity to thrive.”

Scott Nass, MD, MPA, President, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality 

Bodies and Barriers helps LGBT community members understand the way people in the U.S. health services market erect barriers to anyone who is not the source of easy and immediate profit, and helps us all confront and break down these barriers. It helps families of LGBT people understand these obstacles and options for getting around them. And it helps health professionals hear the voices of all their patients, so that we learn to listen, and learn how to care for everyone.” 

Michael Fine, MD, former director, Rhode Island Department of Health and author of Health Care Revolt: How to Organize, Build a Health Care System, and Resuscitate Democracy – All at the Same Time

Bodies and Barriers is truly a must-read for anyone working in medical care, social services, or public health. This book brings us closer to the goal of patient-centered care, not only for LGBT communities, but for everyone.” 

Kristen Emory, PhD, Director and Advisor, Undergraduate Program at San Diego State University School of Public Health 

“In Bodies and Barriers, Adrian Shanker makes the case for culturally-responsive care that meets the needs of the LGBT community. Through compelling essays by LGBT health care consumers, this book enables nurses, and all health care professionals, to understand the challenges of LGBT clients, families, and communities — and is a call to action for everyone involved in patient care to truly listen and learn.”

Sarah Hexem Hubbard, Esq., Executive Director, National Nurse-Led Care Consortium

Bodies and Barriers is a must read for mental health clinicians who are providing care to LGBT community members. This book has depth, spirit, and a breadth of information that can transform LGBT healthcare.”

Sharon Esther Papo, LCSW, Executive Director, Diversity Center of Santa Cruz County