Adrian Shanker

Adrian Shanker (he/him) is editor of the critically-acclaimed anthology Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health (2020) and the forthcoming anthology Crisis and Care: Queer Activist Responses to a Global Pandemic  (2022), both published by PM Press, an independent, radical publisher of books that arm the dreamers to demand the impossible.

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Preorders make a big difference for forthcoming books. They help bookstores gauge interesting carrying the book in stock and they help to build critical momentum for the book. Crisis and Care is published by an independent, radical publisher, PM Press — and preorders also help them to recoup their prepublication costs early so they can publish more exciting literature! Preorders are available wherever books are sold. I’m especially encouraging folks to consider preordering through your local independent bookstore, or online at

Image description: On the left, the book cover of Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health, a grey cover with black speckles and a rainbow of people from an infant to an older adult. On the right, the book cover of Crisis and Care: Queer Artist Responses to a Global Pandemic, a rainbow background with red and orange molecular spheres resembling the COVID-19 virus.