Additional Writing

Book Chapters

Authored “From SOGI Data Collection to Vaccine Promotion: The Journey of LGBTQ Health Activism During COVID-19” and coauthored “Utilizing State Level Risk Factor Data to Analyze COVID-19 Risk: Impact Among LGBTQI+ Pennsylvanians”, chapters in COVID-19, the LGBTQIA+ Community, and Public Policy edited by Wallace Swan (Routledge 2022). While some pioneering studies analyzing the impacts of the pandemic upon LGBTQIA+ communities have been conducted, and some efforts are being made to collect data which can impact the development of policy, reliable data resources are limited. This book explores precisely how the pandemic has affected these communities.

Co-authored “Queer and Quitting: Addressing Tobacco Use as an LGBTQ Issue”, a chapter in The Routledge Handbook for LGBTQIA Administration and Policy edited by Wallace Swan (Routledge, 2018). While a host of books have analyzed legal dimensions of LGBT public policy, this authoritative Routledge handbook is the first to utilize up-to-the-minute empirical data to examine and unpack the corrosive “post-factual” changes undermining LGBT public policy development. Taking an innovative look at a wide range of social and policy issues of broad interest, this comprehensive and cutting-edge volume will be a landmark reference work on LGBT administration and policy for decades to come.

Journal Articles

B. Kaye Hayes, Adrian Shanker (2024). MMWR Supplement on National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Among Transgender Women—Seven Urban Areas, United States, 2019-2020. Public Health Reports. doi:10.1177/00333549241231190

Mary Foltz, Susan Falciani Maldonado, Kristen Leipert, Rachel Hamelers, Adrian Shanker (2022). LGBTQ Community Archives in Small Urban Centers: Reflections on Community and University Partnerships to Build Awareness of the Lehigh Valley’s Rich LGBTQ History from AIDS Activism to Anti-Discrimination Legislation, European Journal of American Studies. (peer-reviewed)

Patrick Kelly, Paul D’Avanzo, Adrian Shanker, Katie Suppes, Anne Frankel, David Sawrer (2022). The Relationship Between Gender-affirming Procedures, Body Image Quality of Life, and Gender Affirmation, Transgender Health. (peer-reviewed)

Mary Foltz, Adrian Shanker, Liz Bradbury, Kristen Leipert (2022). A Litany of Saints: Remembering the Early Years of AIDS Coalitional Activism in the First Year of a New Pandemic, InterAlia: A Journal of Queer Studies.

Patrick Kelly, Anne Frankel, Paul D’Avanzo, Katie Suppes, Adrian Shanker, David Sarwer, (2020). Psychosocial Differences Between Transgender Individuals With and Without History of Nonsurgical Facial Injectables, Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, (peer-reviewed)

Susan G. Kahlenberg, Adrian Shanker (2020). A Service-Learning and Integrative-Learning Model for Media Advocacy on Behalf of Nonprofit Organizations, Communication Teacher, (peer-reviewed)

Selected Commentary

How We Imagine Health Equity in 2022 in Philadelphia Gay News, Jan 26, 2022

What Health Equity Means for Queer Liberation in The Advocate, June 24, 2021

In Praise of Bipartisan Support for The Equality Act in Philadelphia Gay News, March 2, 2021

Rachel Levine, MD, Will Make History, and a Difference in POZ Magazine, February 8, 2021

Image description 1: the book cover of COVID-19, the LGBTQIA+ Community, and Public Policy. The cover features a progress pride flag with bold text over a black and pink background.

Image description 2: the book cover of The Routledge Handbook of LGBTQIA Administration and Policy. The cover features a person with long blond hair wearing a blue hat. There is also a pride flag.